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About Us

About InduBindu

InduBindu is a brand for women, showcasing authentic Indian textiles procured directly from artisans from the land of lakes, palaces, deserts - India. A wide range of collection is handpicked from the oldest reputed artisans, some National Award winners specializing in the ageless art from generations to generations.

We aim to bring vibrant colors of India to the world in the form of fabrics- hand-stamped and designed in a way to give an old world technique a new age look. Each product of ours, has its own identity and unique design, which is always a charm of any hand made product. Also products are naturally dyed, in natural surroundings using things like vegetables, grasses, soil, lake water etc. The end product thus created in the process is an authentic, natural, affordable, contemporary yet unique piece of woman clothing.

Our objective is to make products that delight our customers across the globe, and in the process make them not just aware, but also a part of our rich heritage of Indian artisans. We are founded with the vision of protecting and promoting this heritage craft for our future generations. We are trying our best to make our handmade products a lifestyle, to support and encourage good craftsmanship; thereby creating a base for skilled and sustainable rural employment for our craftsmen.

Who we are ?

A bunch of crazy art lovers, travelers who love to work with artisans across India. Co-founding team consist of IITD alumni, Ex-Paytm who believe in fusion of art in fashion.

Why we sell the items we sell ?

It makes us really happy working towards preserving the art from generations. 

Where are we located ?

We are based out of Noida and we keep traveling most of the time. As of now we don't have any offline store. 

How to contact us?

Email us anytime at